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Fic: Three Versions of the Same Porn (Glee)
Title: Three Versions of the Same Porn
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] patchfire & [livejournal.com profile] raving_liberal
Fandom: Glee
OT3/Pairing(s): Finn/Kurt/Puck (Fuckurt)
Characters: Finn, Kurt, Puck; mentions of Blaine, Rachel
Rating: NC-17
Author(s) Notes: Yes, this is somewhat cracky.
Summary: After Rachel's party (2x14 "Blame it on the Alcohol"), Blaine and Rachel not only get together, but feel the need to keep Kurt constantly updated on their budding new relationship. Kurt's lamentations about the lack of available gay boys in Ohio, as well as how bisexuality never seems to work out in his favor leads to Finn's suggestion of online dating. They turn to Puck for his expertise on the subject matter and in the process discover that between the three of them they have seen three different versions of what is essentially the same porn.
Wordcount: 6797

Three Versions of the Same Porn
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