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Twirling 'Round with this Familiar Parable (Fic, Teen Wolf, R, Chapter 1/3, 7916 words)
Title: Twirling 'Round with this Familiar Parable (Chapter 1 of 3)
Author: [ profile] pterawaters
Fandom: Teen Wolf
OT3/Pairing(s): Allison/Scott/Isaac; Stiles/Derek/Jennifer
Characters: Ensemble, but focusing on the six above + Peter, Sheriff Stilinski, and Melissa McCall (Stilinski)
Rating: R
Warnings: Child abuse, canon-typical violence, underage sex
Author(s) Notes: This story takes place in the triad verse, which is an alternate universe (AU) where humankind has developed to normalize triads (relationships consisting of three individuals), rather than couples. Part of my Triad Verse Series.
Summary:Allison was ready for a fresh start; Stiles didn't mean to put his brother in danger; Derek followed his sister on a snipe hunt; Isaac just wanted to survive; Scott just wanted to protect the people he loved; Peter was out for revenge; and Jen was out of a job. Threads weave together and fray apart, history repeats itself, and not everyone will survive.
Wordcount: 7916
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