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Fic: Making Up (Glee/The Avengers)
Title: Making Up
Author: [ profile] geeky_ramblings
Fandom: Glee, The Avengers
OT3/Pairing(s): Puck/Thor/Tony
Characters: Noah Puckerman, Thor, Tony Stark
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Double Penetration, Slash
Author(s) Notes: I wrote this awhile back and thought you guys might enjoy it!
Summary: Noah and Tony try to make things up to Thor.
Word Count: 652

Tony glared at Noah before biting into his shawarma. He couldn't believe that the kid thought Styx was a better band than Black Sabbath. Ozzy was the Prince of Darkness whereas Styx had no one that awesome as their lead singer and a pathetic song called, “Come Sail Away.” His lover obviously had no taste in music sometimes. Sure Noah loved the classics like Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Queen but Tony knew that he also had a weird obsession with more annoying bands like Journey. It was something that made a hard rock lover like Stark wanted to cry. So as Noah blew bubbles in his chocolate milk, the two argued over what was the best heavy metal band of all time.

As the ridiculous conversation grew more heated, Thor sighed as he apologized to Captain America and the Hulk for his lovers' immaturity. Really, he couldn't take those two anywhere without causing a scene. No matter where they happened to be Tony and Noah would embarrass Thor thoroughly. He had come to the point where he wanted to throttle them both. Excusing himself from his fellow Avengers, he grabbed Noah and Tony by their geeky matching Star Wars t-shirts and dragged them out of the shawarma restaurant.

“You two have embarrassed me for the last time. By Odin's beard I will...”

“Why don't Noah and I make it up to you big guy?” Tony asked, effectively cutting off Thor's rant.


“You and me with Noah in the middle,” the billionaire offered.

He then kissed the god; giving him just a little taste of possible make up sex before pulling away. Seeing lust in gorgeous blue eyes, Tony smirked. His lover was so predicable. Sure, Thor would get mad at him and Noah but he didn't stay that way for long. Especially when sex was involved. Tony knew from experience that Thor was a softy at heart and loved making love to Noah together with him. More often than not, they took the teen together; showing him just how much he was loved.

They knew Noah still had emotional scars from high school and he had come to Tony and Thor at time when they needed him. It had taken some time for them to convince Noah they loved him but after that their rhythm as a triad had seamlessly fallen in place. Sure they annoyed each other to death at times but that always lead to make up sex.

Which after the stupid fight he and Noah had was inevitable. So after dragging Thor home, they quickly undressed themselves and their lover. As Noah and Tony worked in tandem, they pushed the god on the bed before kneeling down and worship his long, hard cock with their tongues and mouths.

When things became too much for him, Thor whispered a small plea for his lovers to join him on their bed. Tony and Noah complied with his wishes as the god grabbed for the cherry scent lube from their night table. As they waited, Tony and Noah's tongues danced together for moment. After watching them for awhile, Thor tenderly pulled the teen away from the billionaire. Then like so many times before, Thor and Tony lovingly prepared their lover. Their fingers joining together to stretch Noah for both their cocks.

When the needy teen began begging for more, they knew Noah was ready. Together, they slowly entered him as Tony kissed him passionately on the lips and Thor kissed the teen on his back. After waiting for a moment for Noah to adjust to their cocks, they began to thrust together in a gentle rhythm. Their lengths brushing against Noah's sweet spot with each movement. Teasing and torturing him with each move of their members, they made love to Noah for hours.

Afterward when they were basking in the afterglow, Tony whispered, “Black Sabbath is still better than Styx.”

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